Colour, Light, Ballet

   «Colour, Light, Ballet» — so named her personal exhibition, which opened at the Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, a young painter 17 years-old from Moldova. She was born June 26, 1995 in Balti, currently she is a student of 10th class of the Lyceum «Prometheus prim» lives in Chisinau. Despite her youth, the artist has participated in more than 25 personal and collective exhibitions in Moldova, Italy, Great Britain, and Russia. In Odessa she first exhibited 60 of her works.

   Valeria Duca is a representative of a rare talent that successfully combines an artistic talent (she is the youngest participant of the Venice Biennale for all its history since 1895 year, winner of many awards), and incredible athletic performance. She is the owner of a black belt 3rd dan taekwondo WTF, repeated champion of the country and international tournaments in 2007 — 2009, her portfolio comprises more than 20 gold medals: she is the youngest parachutist of the country, which made a jump in 2003 in 8 years of age.

   In Valeria’s works you feel the presence of a mature artist who senses the beauty of a unique, magical, fantastic world and conveys it with love on the canvas. Her works carry a celebration.