Along the years, the Museum of Visual Art has proved its preoccupations with promoting young talents, who show through their art a potential for a career in painting, sculpture or decorative arts. Valeria Duca has this kind of potential.

She is a student at the ‘Prometeu’ Lyceum from Chisinau, and was born on the 26th of June 1995 in Balti. Until now she has been taking classes in arts from the well-known painters Victor Ursu and Ion Serbinov, members of the Union of Artists of Moldova, and Alexandru Sheversky from Canada. She is also a successful athlete, a champion in Taekwondo, with several golden medals. Even if she is merely 17, she had 12 personal exhiitions in Chisinau, Odessa, Bucharest and Reggio Emilia and took part in over 25 group exhibitions. In 2011 she took part with a solo show in the Pavilion of Republic of Moldova at Venice Biennale. She has gathered several national and international awards and her works are in private collections in Moldova, Romania, SUA, Italy, Russia, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

The works presented at Galati represent abstract compositions, portraits, landscapes, flowers and still lives. One of her favourite themes is ballet. Fascinated by the ballet dancers, she portrays them in several compositions, capturing the characters in a variety of movements and attitudes, resting or getting ready for entering the stage. Her images are impressive, bringing before the viewer the ballerinas during their stage performance, during the concert; they are similar to a flight, creating the impression of weightlessness. There is a well-defined dynamism in her paintings, a light, joyful chromatic scale underlying a detached spontaneous way of drawing; together they emphasize the graciousness, fragility and beauty of her characters (‘The Dream’, “Ballerina with a red rose”, “Intermission”, “Weightlessness”, “Duet”, “Butterfly in fire”).

In her portrait, the artist is very attentive at the individuality of her models, at their physical and moral characteristics. Here I remind you the “Portrait of Grandfather” and the “Portrait of Dumitru Peicev”. Both are painted in sober tonalities with contrasts of chiaroscuro.  Her feminine paintings “Debut”, “Alexandra”, “Laura”, “Irina” and “The Girl with a Jug” are mesmerizing through the candour, the freshness and the expressivity of the faces.

Going over the many still lives, rigorously constructed, balances and with objects that lack sumptuousness, the abstract compositions caught our attention. The artist uses knives and brushes to create this thick layer; the universe that she creates seems to be one discovered with a microscope. Sometimes she is closer to pointillism. The titles of the works initiates a thinking process and guide us towards associations: “Cosmic storm”, “Shipwreck I”, “Galaxy”, “The tree of life”, “Abstract dedicated to Mihai Eminescu”, “Springtime”, “Nymph”. Colours have sound, purity; they are uplifted in a fauvist manner and beyond their emotional power, they incline us to reflect.

Valeria Duca is, without any doubt, an authentic talent, a young woman who attempts to capture through her artistic expression the song of her palette, which exposes the value of her divine gift. The exhibition from the Museum of Visual Art is the most plausible testimony of the undertaken artistic path. It inoculates in the souls of the art lovers the belief that the value of Valeria Duca will be significant for the Romanian culture and the universal culture.

Corneliu Stoica.