Letter from Loreta Zakareviciene

Here are some words for you. Let’s call them my blessing…

… I felt in love with your works the very same moment I saw them for the first time.  Paintings full of light, full of something my heart was longing for so much for years…

When looking at every work of yours I felt as if I were in a very special world - the world of fairy tales, the world completely free of pain, problems and troubles, the world I lived in many years ago, when everything around me was just a mystery, just a dream…

Your paintings are something very special, Valeria, something that deeply touches my soul, something that opens my eyes and stretches out my wings…  Your paintings revived the feelings which were almost lost, but which I was longing for so much until now… Thank you for letting me fly again.

Italians have a proverb: “What worth has beauty, if it is not seen?” Dear Valeria, it refers to you, to your paintings. Please, don’t hide what you’ve done. Please, let other people know how do you see the world. Let them start learning that life is beautiful, thatit’s nice even when we’re facing problems. Help them to learn that it’s worth to live, because life is given to us just once.

Please, don’t stop at the very beginning of your journey. Please continue. You are the miracle, you are the asset of your nation. And if you really and sincerely want to do something, your dream will become real. You will be the most useful, you will be giving the most, and you will be of most individual value.

Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.  This is ultimate.

 I wish you all the best always and everywhere.

Loreta Zakareviciene

Ambassador of Lithuania in Austria