Valeria Duca wins an award for art

A TALENTED young artist who already has numerous international exhibitions to her name has won a prestigious award in recognition of her artistic talents.

Seventeen-year-old Valeria Duca, from Moldova, won a scholarship for a year's study at Truro School due to her outstanding abilities.

And she has now received a Literature and Art Youth Award from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, given every year for the most talented young people in the country. Contestants are required to apply with their CV and a description of their activities in the past two years.

Valeria, who boards at Truro School, said: "I was chosen because of my broad CV and because I helped in promoting the image of my country at different events and exhibitions abroad. Truro School offers me a great opportunity to develop my skills in art, and I really hope I will be able to finish my A levels here. This will assure me of a good basis for applying to the Royal College of Art.

"I am so pleased to receive this recognition as I think everyone has to follow their dreams. Mine is to become an artist and I believe that the experience of living in Cornwall and attending Truro School will assure me conditions for further development and many opportunities.

"For an artist new experiences are very important and I think Cornwall will have a big impact on my work as the landscapes here are amazing. And the sea, I love to paint the sea."

Valeria won her scholarship to Truro School through a contest in Moldova. From 180 applicants, 7 were selected to attend schools in the UK.

Valeria was the youngest artist to participate in the Venice Biennale when she was just 15, has held 12 solo exhibitions throughout Europe and participated in more than 30 group exhibitions in Italy, UK, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, SUA and Moldova.

She is now planning an exhibition in March to fund a second year at Truro School.