The Need for Miracles

Valeria Duca is similar to a bird flying in a sky invented by her dreams; and all her dreams are in colours. The student of the ‘Prometeu’ Lyceum is also a successful athlete, a champion in Taekwondo with multiple golden medals and a painter, with multiple exhibitions (the most recent one taking place in the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau).

She paints birds, angels, lakes, clouds, peacocks, dragons…

But she also portrays loneliness, love, tears, lights, storms and flowers, a lot of flowers…

Her flowers are alive. It is as if they bloom, open, grow and wither just in front of your eyes. Her paintings are metaphors of perception.

Valeria Duca is a true painter; despite her fragile age, she uncovers for us the unseen. It is like she sees things from the inside, revealing their essence and nuances.

Her works evoke a state of perfect purity, originating in the need for miracles, the need for metaphors… The explosions of light and colour, the exteorizations of her soul are indicative of artistic maturity. She is not taken over by the power of colours, but overmasters them and manipulates with them in order to depict with accuracy her emotional states and sentiments.

Her paintings have an inner glow. The universe they depict transcends reality, transcends us. She portrays her childhood as if she is aware of all the stages of life, even those that she has not yet discovered. Creating for her is a playful game, in the same way that God was playing when he created the world,

Nicolae DABIJA