Tudor Braga about Valeria Duca

The Director of the ‘Brancusi’ Gallery, Tudor Braga, has attributed to Valeria Duca the term of ‘wonder child’. According to him, there are a few precedents. An example would be the case of Lazar Dubinovschi, who was introduced to her Majesty, Carol II of Romania, as the most representative and valuable young sculptor. He was only seventeen at the time. The King sent the young artist to the Academy of Arts in Bucharest, even before he finished school. Another example is Leonid Grigorashcenco, who was awarded a first prize at an art contest in the Soviet Union and was given afterwards a special scholarship. In 1964, in India, at an international contest for children’s drawings, Ecaterina Pavlovschi obtained the first prize. In 1985, a five year old, Cornel Bulat, launched a spectacular personal exhibitionat the Pioneer’s Palace in Chisinau. At an International contest in Japan, out of 3000 children, Ionel Shestacovschi, who was only ten, obtained the biggest award.

Valeria Duca’s first personal exhibition took place in the ‘Brancusi’ Gallery.

The opening evening took place on the 1st of June. The Director of the gallery relates about the event: “After I first saw the works, I have decided that it would be valuable for her to have her first show. In painting, there are two ways of interpreting the world: one is to depict the truth of the moment; another is to depict the moment of truth. By this I refer to a move from documentation to abstractization. In this resides what I call ‘the phenomenon Valeria’ – a human of genius. She fulfilled this journey so soon and so naturally. I believe she will enrich our cultural national heritage”.

Ecaterina DELEU