Ion Botnaru about Valeria Duca

Valeria Duca is one of those rare talents that combines artistic expression with athletic achievement. At the young age of 13 she can already point to an astonishing career in both fields. Having participated in various international tournaments and competitions, Valeria has won several awards, medals and other distinctions. While these achievements would be remarkable by themselves, the young Ms. Duca possesses another gift which is at least as impressive: she is a first-rate artist whose training with the renowned Moldovan artists Victor Ursu and Ion Serbinov indicate a promising career in front of her, as underlined by the works exemplified in the present collection.
In her paintings, Valeria Duca understands how to capture the viewer's mind and draw him into the fantastic worlds that she produces with such seeming ease. Likewise, she understands to create natural worlds before us that are inspired by the force of natural beauty. Looking at these works of art, it is my sincere conviction that you will find them equally mature and pleasing as I did.

Ion Botnaru, Ambassador.
Chief, General Assembly Affairs Branch
Department for General Assembly and
Conference Management, United Nations.
New York .2009