Talent Must Win

In art, like in sports, what matters is the ability to set and achieve your goals. Talent, perseverance and will are necessary in every field and they complete each other. The same qualities possesses Valeria Duca.
Valeria Duca belongs to those young artists who treasure the creation, as well as the outcome.
At the age of 13 she is the author of an impressive collection of more than 100 paintings, some of which were exhibited in the Gallery Center «Constantin Brancusi», in Chisinau. She achieved this success after a very short period of time covering only two years of oil canvas techniques.
Remarkably Valeria’s sports achievements found a way to reflect themselves in her art. Her paintings have a mature and emotional print, presenting the revelation of the greatest plastic artists. Valeria’s pictures carry on the works of masters in abstractionism, symbolism and naïve art. A great influence on Valeria’s style had the artist and designer Victor Ursu, her first art teacher.
Valeria performs in more than one genre: still art, portrait and scenery; she creates figurative and abstract paintings. Every picture represents a work of art, expressive and complete, which reflects different emotions and various moods. Each painting has a personal signature, with firm gesture and calligraphic elements, coming from hieroglyphs. The emotions and the expressiveness, free use of colors are far beyond Valeria’s concern; at present she studies realism and academism with Master in Art, Ion Serbinov. Thus we are waiting for new and original approach in the next level of her creation.

Victoria Rocaciuc,
Doctor in Art study, Superior scientific researcher, Institute of Cultural Patrimony Science Academy of Moldova.