The Truth from Children's Mouth

The exhibition ‘The Truth from Children’s Mouth’ along with the presentation of the newly launched catalogue “Valeria Duca. Pictura. Grafica” took place between 29th of October and 15th of November in the Museum of Natural History and Ethnography. The young fourteen year old girl had another exhibition entitled ‘The Artistic Creation of the Children of Chisinau’. Other exhibitions that she was part of are ‘The Municipal Painting Contest for Students’ of 2007 and 2008. There she was awarded second place.

At the opening evening of the exhibition ‘The Truth from Children’s Mouth’ eighty people turned up: students, professors, art consumers and scientists. The guide, Silvia Manole, specified: “Through her works, the young painter invites you to be part of a universe of colour, that mesmerizes you with its beauty. Admiring these works, you want to become kinder, because you realize the beauty of the world that surrounds you”.

The exhibition was organized by The Museum of Natural History and Ethnography in collaboration with the Union of Visual Artists of Moldova.

Another visitor, Elizaveta Popescu, left us with her impressions: “It’s a beautiful exhibition. I am not a specialist in art, but I can see that can talent is unmeasurable; a gift from God”.

The young artist’s favourite techniques are painting and graphics. The exhibition contains thirty four works, some of which are: “Cornflowers”, “Camomile”, “Village in snow”, “Torrid sun”, “Eclipse”, “The fire of love”, “Autumn storm”, “Ikebana”, “Lilac”.