The exhibition The World Seen by a Girl of Fifteen was the heart of the Moldova's National Pavilion at the 54th edition of Venice Biennale. It marked Modova's début, as well assuring the author with the title of 'the youngest participant' in the entire history of the event.  The exhibition entailed thirty two works, all of them oil paintings.

Through the employment of this traditional technique the artist advocates a return to the old values of beauty. It is a stance against modern art, or the 'illustrated philosophy' that it has become. Valeria strongly believes that the search for novelty can find its answers in a revival of the old. Her exhibition offers a strong antithesis to our modern perception of aesthetics. It resuscitates the importance of the art object in a work of art. The artist is convinced that colour has energy and that works of art are meant to create an atmosphere, an emotion. Thus, her exhibition concentrates on establishing a soulful link with the art consumer.